Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The colour Red

Last weekend while roaming the inner city with a bunch of photo group friends for a colour challenge I drew 'red' out of the hat. I like these challenges because they make you look at the details, like red awnings, red chairs or the famous label on a coke bottle. Happily I got some reflections too.

Have a good weekend everyone,

Friday, 18 August 2017

Riding the Rails

I was standing on the platform at Strathfield Station, Sydney, waiting for a train when I noticed the way the people on the platform were reflected in the train windows if you saw them from the right angle and from the shadows. Out came the iPhone.

Have a good weekend everybody,

Friday, 11 August 2017

It felt like Spring

Yesterday in Sydney was a spring day, even though the calendar says it's a bit early yet. I had to be in the city for work super early. The sky was putting on a show of first golden light and ripply clouds as a soft breeze stirred the air and life felt good. The last shreds of winter will soon be gone.

Old and new. St Mary's Cathedral overlooking the fountain and the hidden roof of the Aquatic Centre.

You wouldn't know it was there from this photo (below) would you?

After work - I was on a half day - I went for a walk through Woolloomooloo to Potts Point. I don't know this area. It is often overlooked by the more glamorous and tourist-friendy Rocks and is a curious mixture of Naval Base, pubic housing and expensive waterfront residences. It's steeped in character and history and historical buildings like St Vincent's College  link
I'll be back with more than a iPhone, when I can get out of bed early enough!

Have a good weekend,